An intersection of safety and sustainability, our reusable, backstrap-woven masks are made by repurposing pieces of our previous textile productions. Each mask is triple-layered, machine washable, and provides protection against airborne particles.

Your purchase provides support for our indigenous artisan partners and helps stop the spread of COVID-19 across the globe.

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Order your masks today!

$140 USD minimum for orders outside of Guatemala. 150 GTQ minimum for orders across Guatemala.

Adult Masks 

  • Set of 3 for $16 USD
  • Set of 5 for $ 25 USD
  • Set of 10 for $48 USD

Children’s Masks

  • Set of 3 for $13.50 USD
  • Set of 5 for $21 USD
  • Set of 10 for $40 USD

Family Mask Sets

  • 1 Adult mask + 1 Children’s mask for $9.50 USD
  • 2 Adult mask + 2 Children’s masks for $18.50 USD

Ordering and Shipping Details

  • 100% cotton masks with a nose wire and elastic straps that secure around the ears.
  • Mixed colors and patterns in every order.
  • Specific colors and patterns cannot be requested.
  • Triple-lined for maximum protection.
  • Non-returnable.
  • PayPal and shipping fees excluded.
  • Shipments currently take 12-15 days due to COVID-19 related safety regulations.