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On May 11th the world celebrates World Fair Trade Day. At Maya Traditions we are certain our position as a Fair Trade leader in Guatemala directly impacts the whole world and you. We want a future where our children live in a fairer society. Will you join us?

Photo of artisan weavers

Before this Saturday we hope to raise $3,000.00 to provide education on Global Fashion Trends to 60 Maya artisans.

The artisans believe this course will empower their skills in merging the ancestral art of backstrap loom weaving with a world committed to Fair Trade Principles.

$10 pays for transportation costs of 1 artisan

$30 pays for a workshop materials

$50 pays for all workshops costs for 1 artisan

$300 pays for a workshop educator  fee

$1,000 pays for all costs of 1 workshop

From the loom of our artisans to you.

Make this possible. Help us transform lives.


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