Patanatic Village Tour

Immersive Nature-based Program:

  • Travel to the Patanatic community to experience one of the best viewpoints of Panajachel and the lake (30 minute steep walk)
  • Meet with the women for a picnic with traditional dishes
  • Watch and try to weave baskets from pine needles

The cooperative also can provide a ceremonial steam bath experience in a traditional temazcal, used to cleanse body, spirit, and mind.

Optional: Preparing tortillas (visit to a mill and hand make the corn pancakes) can be added to your experience.

Time: from 9 am to 3 pm (flexible)
Price: for information about our pricing, please contact us.

Take a closer look at the artisan cooperative of Patanatic here.

The artisans are paid a fair wage for their time and involvement in each of the activities. Proceeds support our social community programs. (Pricing includes a tax donation receipt for US citizens.)

Tours are in English and Spanish.

Included: Round trip transportation from Maya Traditions office to the community and typical lunches (vegetarian and vegan meals available upon request).

Tours are customizable. Homestay, private transportation, and other services can be arranged.