Classes and Workshops

Backstrap Weaving Workshop in Panajachel
Learn to weave your own work of art from an indigenous master artisan! Bring home your textile to show to family and friends - it makes the perfect souvenir.

Basket Weaving Workshop in Patanatic

Learn the delicate art of weaving pine needles and raffia into beautiful decorative and functional baskets.


Two-day Natural Dye and Backstrap Weaving Workshop in San Juan

Learn about traditional weaving techniques unique to San Juan la Laguna and dye thread naturally to use in the textile you weave the next day.

Week-long Immersion with Backstrap Weaving and Spanish Classes in Panajachel

Spend the week attending Spanish classes in the morning and learn to backstrap weave with an artisan in the afternoons before leaving on the weekend on a day tour.