Doris Skelly is Making The Difference

Doris Skelly is Making The Difference

Doris Skelly lived in Guatemala from 1987-1988, working with women and children in the San Miguel and Santa Rita areas of Xela. For years she maintained connections with these families that she came to know and love, and, as she puts it, “I left a part of my heart with them.”

Doris Skelly with Erin Kökdil, former Executive Director, Maya Traditions Foundation 2013-2016

Though she was unable to stay in Guatemala long term, her life had been forever changed by the experience of living and serving there. When she returned to New York City she taught art in a local school with an ethically diverse population and remained there until her retirement. Since then she has dedicated herself to helping students who have difficulties with reading and writing in English.

In 2003, Doris returned to Guatemala to visit the families she knew. It was heartwarming to be welcomed back by the people and to spend some quality time with them.

Doris Skelly with Matea Morales Pablo, President of the Waqxaqi’ Kan weavers cooperative of Chuacruz

Last year, Doris learned of the good work that Maya Traditions is doing in Guatemala that serves female artisans and their families. She knew immediately that she wanted to get involved, specifically in providing an education for the children of artisans in Guatemala. Having worked in New York City for so many years, she knew firsthand that education is the best way to aid children who face challenging situations.

“As an educator and because of my heart connection with the people of Guatemala, my being able to support the Mayan families with whom Maya Traditions works is a special gift for me,” Doris said. She now sponsors four children through Maya Traditions’s Student Sponsorship Program, and she hopes that someday she will be able to visit the children she supports. In the meantime she loves receiving copies of their report cards and the letters of thanks that they have sent her. Having arranged for them each to receive some special school supplies as a gift, has made the connection even closer.

Doris Skelly is Making The Difference.
We are so grateful for her generosity and support!

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