Youth Education

Maya Traditions’ Youth Education Program started humbly, with an honest conversation between the organization’s founder, Jane Mintz, and an artisan from Chuacruz, a rural village in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The artisan made clear to Jane the grinding, generational poverty and high costs of even public education in Guatemala that made it difficult - often impossible - to send their children to school. Through this personal encounter, Jane recognized the need to support Maya Traditions’ collaborating artisans beyond just a fair payment for their weavings and the first ever scholarship was offered in 1997 to Gilberto, the son of the woman from Chuacruz.

Our Youth Education Program continues to grow today. Our latest initiative is the Student Sponsorship Program that connects sponsors with students to fund the student's education.

Learn more about the Sponsorship Program, the education system in Guatemala, and our student success stories:


A day with Marisol - our Youth Education coordinator: