Community Health

My Health, My Tradition Initiative

The My Health, My Tradition Initiative aims to increase knowledge, improve daily practices, and provide culturally-rooted tools to our artisan partners, their families, and their communities in order to improve their physical and mental health as an essential factor for increased well being and quality of life.

Being a Fair Trade certified organization means supporting the empowerment and development of our partner artisans

Natural Medicine Education

Four Maya Traditions’ artisan partner groups (Chuacruz, Patanatic, and Nahualá) established a functioning community medicinal plant garden and 24 artisans from two partner communities (Chirijox and Quiejel) each got a small family garden.

Natural Medicine Products

A first course on the basic characteristics of medicinal plants was led by our staff in 2018. The female artisans are now able to identify the different medicinal plants in their gardens, how to prepare certain plants as teas that treat colds, and what medicinal dosages for people of various ages are.

Women’s Health Education

We have promoted several actions towards education on women’s health.

Midwife training: six midwives from partner communities learned to perform a routine Cervical Cancer screening examination.

Women's health: training on making eco-friendly menstrual pads.

Family planning & reproductive health: we raised awareness on the importance and impact of family planning and reproductive health.

Diabetes & Nutrition: Led by a local doctor, participants had their blood sugar and blood pressure measured, learned about the different types of diabetes, and what a healthy meal for a diabetic looks like.

Cervical Cancer and family planning clinic: In collaboration with WINGS  Maya Traditions’ training center was transformed to have the basic requirements to be able to host the clinic. WINGS staff led the clinic day with the support of previously trained midwives from our artisan partner communities.



We have accomplished so much in just one year of the My Health, My Tradition Initiative and we hope to further that progress with your collaboration 

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