Interested in carrying Maya Traditions in your store? We would love to be a part of your collection! Our products are designed for socially-conscious consumers who value high quality handmade products in line with current trends and modern aesthetics. WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade since January, 2017.

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Through partnering with Maya Traditions, our artisans, and the sale of our Fair Trade products, you will directly be involved in:

  • Sharing and persevering traditional Maya designs and techniques adapted to the modern marketplace.
  • Empowering indigenous women to become agents of change in their communities.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses that value fair and just trade.


  • We require a $500 minimum opening order, with a 50% deposit required to being production.
  • Maya Traditions operates on a made to order basis. Most orders require 35-45 days to fulfill.
  • Although Maya Traditions does not have a maximum order amount, we do have a limit of production capacity.
  • We offer express shipping services worldwide!


  • Maya Traditions works with rural women artisans of Maya descent in the Highlands of Western Guatemala.
  • The purchase of textiles produced by these artisans provides an income that helps strengthen communities and preserve a dying art: backstrap weaving.
  • No two items are exactly alike and variations in color, size, and shape do occur.
  • Products made with natural dyes may have color variations depending on the batch from which they were produced.
  • Handmade imperfections in the textiles are not considered defects.

Maya Traditions products are of the highest quality and beautifully designed. We admire all that they are doing to empower artisans and give back to their communities.

— The Little Market

Frequently Asked Questions (click + for the answer to each question)

Can I purchase textiles only?

Yes, as long as you reach our $500US minimum for an opening order. We are proud of the products that we produce using our textiles, but also love to see what others can create with them.

Standard liso textiles woven by our artisans are approximately 16.5’’W x 90’’L and ikat textiles are 16.5’’W x 75’’L.

We are able to produce lienzos up to 21” W x 90”L, costs may vary.

What is the average lead-time on an order?

When the order is confirmed by the client, MT evaluates which cooperatives will be involved in the production of that order. Working on a first come, first served basis, MT will determine the lead time based on the current orders a cooperative may have, the quantity of the order, and time needed for to finish the product with a contracted tailor. The Product Development and Sales Manager will provide the order details including lead time. Natural Dye products have many variations in terms of color and complexity.

Most orders with natural dye require approximately 45 days to complete. Brocade products have many variations in terms of size and complexity. Most orders with brocade require approximately 45 days to complete. Liso backstrap woven textile products will be ready for shipment within 35 days. 

How does your production process work?

Maya Traditions works with six different weaving cooperatives, each one specializing in different weaving techniques. When a order is confirmed by a client, the Product Development and Sales Manager will notify MT’s Production Manager. Once a 50% deposit is received, MT will ask the Production Representatives from each cooperative to come to the office. The Production Manager will review the designs with the artisan partner and provide the thread needed to complete the order.

The Production Manager and Production Representative agree on a date on which the textiles will be returned to the office. The artisan partner then returns to her community and distributes the thread and design specifications amongst the cooperative. Once the textiles are woven, MT receives and reviews each textile and pays each woman for the work she has produced.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the weight, value, and destination of the order. Maya Traditions can provide a non-binding estimate of shipping costs when the order is placed. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, which will be added to their order’s invoice. The balance on any invoice is due 15 business days after the Ship-to date.

Can I carry the WFTO Label?

Yes, Maya Traditions can offer the WFTO label to first buyers. Please contact us for more information.