Antonia Cupertina Tambriz López de Guachiac

Antonia Cupertina Tambriz López de Guachiac, 47, is from Chirijox, a small village in the highlands of Guatemala. Married with five children, she was orphaned at the age of four and was raised with her grandmother, also a weaver. Antonia learned to weave when she was ten years old in order to help her grandmother fill her orders and contribute to the household income. By the age of twelve, she was creating intricate designs using the brocade technique. Over the years, she has taught all three of her daughters the art of backstrap weaving.

Antonia, along with the other members of her cooperative, work from home. Because of the complexity of the technique used by the group to create the unique designs, it often takes a week or longer to produce a wall hanging. In addition to the products she creates for Maya Traditions, Antonia also weaves all of her own “huipiles,” the traditional Maya blouse.