Qato Q'ib of Chirijox

Artisans from the Qato Q’ib group create backstrap woven textiles with a modern Maya feel featured in many of Maya Traditions’ bags. These artisans also create high-quality brocade pillows and woven scarves.

The Community of Chirijox

Chirijox is a small village off the Inter American highway in the highlands of Guatemala. Its community members are K'iche Maya and speak their native language of K'iche. The women of the community wear their traditional dress, the "huipil," their traditional blouse, distinguished by a white base with colorful embroidered designs. These designs are representations of Maya leaders and the sacrifices they are required to make to serve others.

History of the Qato Q’ib Group

Catarina Flaviana, Antonia Sohóm, Catarina Tambríz, and Juana Catinac founded the group in 1989. This group requires a strong commitment from their members and the production of high-quality textiles.

The Group Today

The group currently has 14 members and its leader is Isabel Guachiac. They gather frequently to fulfill new orders. Members of the group have observed significant changes in their lives. Based on their participation, they are more independent, able to support their children in receiving an education, and contribute financially to the household. Their goal is increase their market share based on their textiles and contemporary designs.

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Meet Antonia, an artisan from the Qato Q'ib group in Chirijox