Pascuala Ixtos Tzoc

Pascuala Ixtos Tzoc is a member of the cooperative Artesana Nawal Ja’ based in the village of Nahualá in the highlands of Guatemala. Pascuala recounts that when she was young, she loved to watch her mother weave. She would sit alongside her and imitate the movements. Once she was ten years old, her mother began to teach her. She was a natural and learned the challenging technique of brocade only a couple of years later at the age of twelve.

Pascuala works from her home, allowing her to take care of her family as well as weave. It takes her approximately three days to complete a full textile. Outside of weaving, she also is responsible for maintaining her home and taking care of her children. She is also an expert sewer. Through her weaving, Pascuala generates additional income to support her family.