Become a Design Partner

We partner with designers around the world to transform their vision into a reality. Through this partnership, we collaborate to create new textiles and products.

I am glad I found Maya Traditions. Their artisans are skilled and the organization is organized, which makes working with them a breeze. My products are always beautiful and of the highest quality.

— Amira Marion, Archive NY

To become a Maya Traditions design partner, email or follow these steps:

1. Design Ideas

Feel free to tell us about your business and design ideas. The sales manager will provide a design submission form and/or product submission form and sample making policy. This sheet includes all relevant information for the product including a computer-generated specifications for pattern design colors, dimensions, a detailed inspiration photo is optional. Once completed the team will review your ideas and determine what techniques or limitations there are with your designs. Our artisans create products using a variety of techniques perfected through trainings and cultural teachings. The sample making process typically takes three to four months to finalize for one to three designs.

Share your ideas and vision with Maya Traditions by sending us your designs and detailed specifications to:

2. Sample Day

Maya Traditions will schedule an appointment with a backstrap weaving artisan to create the textile for the sample in the office. The Maya Traditions Production Manager will work with the artisan to begin the design, assuring colors and dimensions are correct. The client must be available by email this day to receive photos of the sample in process via email or WhatsApp. Maya Traditions requires timely responses from the client on Sample Day in order to ensure the design is correct.

The designer can approve the sample, do one round of revisions on the sample, or reject the sample. An invoice will be issued listing the sample making cost and any other fees. For more information about sample costing and details, email for our sample policy.

3. Place your order

Once a textile sample is approved we will move the order into production. Product samples will require an extra fee and sampling process.

    Order terms

  • 45-60 day lead time
  • 10 unit order minimum per custom design for opening orders.
  • A 50% deposit is required within 5 business days of initial invoice being issued. Within this 5 business day grace period, Maya Traditions can accept cancellations and/or edits to the order. After the 5 business day grace period, no changes to the order can be accepted.
  • If the client confirms the order after the 5 business day grace period has expired, the ship-to date is subject to change.
  • Initial invoices do not include shipping costs.
  • The remaining balance as reflected by the final invoice is due within 15 business days of the ship-to date.

4. Create marketing materials

While our artisans partners hand-craft your items, we can provide you with marketing materials to educate your customers on the new products. During this time, we can provide you with information about Maya Traditions to help tell our story. Let the sales manager know if you would like to receive our Marketing Package.

5. Shipping

Maya Traditions and the client will agree on the ship-to date for each order. The ship-to date is determined after analyzing the lead time and current capacity to complete the order and will be provided to the client on the initial invoice.

Our team can provide a non-binding estimate of shipping costs, and lead time at any time.

    Shipping Terms

  • Maya Traditions only offers express shipping/expedited delivery.
  • Shipping costs depend on the weight and destination of the order. Maya Traditions can provide a non-binding estimate of shipping costs.
  • Maya Traditions works with 2nd party shipping distributors offering international and national shipping rates. There is no local postal service in Guatemala.
  • The client is responsible for all shipping costs, which will be added to their order’s final invoice.
  • The final invoice with shipping costs will be issued 2 to 3 days after the ship-to date.
  • Maya Traditions is not responsible for the products once they have been given to the mail service carrier.
  • Maya Traditions is not responsible for arranging third party brokers if/when dealing with international customs agencies.

6. Receive order & pay balance

After we ship you your order, we will send you a final invoice that includes any changes you requested, as well as the cost of shipping. Full payment is due within 15 days of the ship-to date and is listed as the Due Date at the bottom of the invoice.

  • A $15 US transaction fee is included on every invoice. The transaction fee helps Maya Traditions cover the costs associated with payment collection (bank transfer fees, exchange rate fluctuations, Paypal fees, etc.).
  • Please see the Maya Traditions Payment Options document for more information on how to make payments to Maya Traditions.

Share your successes & feedback

We love supporting our design partners and are always working to improve our products and systems. We depend on your pictures, stories and feedback to complete this so please stay in touch by emailing us anytime at

More questions?
Purchasing FAQs

More questions?
Purchasing FAQs

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